Sea Food Product Product - FROZEN SHRIMPS AND PRAWNS...

Shrimps Production in Bangladesh:

Shrimp cultured in Bangladesh is unique in it’s nature. A favorable environmental condition of BARKISH-WATER aquaculture, particularly for Black Tiger shrimps, are available in Bangladesh. Unlike its neighboring countries like India, Vietnam, Thailand etc, intensive/semi-intensive aquaculture is not practiced in Bangladesh instead, an extensive aquaculture is practiced where shrimp cultured in relatively small ponds holding with kind of direct domestic care by the farmer where no additional feeding is provided for the growth of the shrimp fry. Rather the fry grows up eating the natural food/larva available in the pond which makes the product quality better, in terms of texture and aroma, Bangladeshi shrimps are much better than the products of its neighboring countries. Perhaps, due to this reason, the demand for Bangladeshi shrimps is relatively higher from those who know the world shrimp well.

In addition to the above, a unique harvesting method is practiced in Bangladesh. The cycle of production from fry to harvest is around 100 to 120 days. Shrimp harvesting/catching is done in every 15 days, known as Goon, particularly within the first 5 to 6 days of the full moon and 5 to 6 days of the New moon period. Therefore the quantity in terms of assortment per contract may somewhat depend on natural harvesting period. During off “Goon” the harvest is about 20% of Goon period.

We are a Seafood Sourcing/Buying Agent.

We have restarted our journey to work as a Seafood Sourcing/Buying Agent in December,2012 under the able leadership of Mr. M. Jinnat Ali Mina. With his past experience during1981-84 in seafood business we have been able to re-establish close relationship with quite number of leading and most dependable seafood processors/Packers, having EU approval and USFDA Registration.

Apart from traditional basic products they also process Value added products maintaining international standards of Hygiene and Food safety.


OUR SERVICE CHARGECOMMISSION: Negotiable, based on purchase volume.

CUSTOMER BASE: We have been able to develop relationship with a number of seafood buyers in Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, Poland and USA.

Payment: LC 100% at sight in favour of the Packer/Processing Plant.

Delivery time: Within 30 to 40 days from the date of receipt of LC or as negotiated.


**Frozen Products

1. Black Tiger Shrimps (Penaeus Monodon) Season from April to November.

Counts: 6/8 down to 71/90

Available as HOSO, HLSO, EZ Peel, Skewer, Butterfly, PUD, P&D Raw or Cooked in Semi IQF, Block frozen Or IQF as required.

2. Harina/Brown Shrimps (Metapenaeus Monoceros); season from May to November. Counts 91/100 down to 500 available as PUD Raw or cooked in block frozen or IQF

3. Fresh water King Prawn (Macrobrachium Rosenbergii).

Counts U/5 down to 31/40 available as HOSO, HLSO, EZ Peel, Skewer, Butterfly PUD, P&D Raw or cooked

4. Cat Tiger shrimps (Peneaus Semisulcatus) Season from October to March. Counts 91/100 down to 300; available as PUD raw or cooked, block frozen or IQF.


Both EU and US standards are followed. Block frozen shrimps are packed in 800gms, 1.2kg, 4lb/1.8kg per laminated inner box 10 inner boxes per Master Carton. The IQF shrimps are packed in food-grade printed polybag and 10 x 1kg bag per Master Carton or as per buyer’s requirement. Products are also STPP treated and glazing % is applied as per buyer’s requirement.

** Frozen Fresh water and Brackish/Marine water White Fish

We also offer both fresh water and sea water white fishes available as whole IQF, Gutted & cleaned (ready to cook) and as fillet. For your specific fish please drop us a mail. We will Come with the exact information or offer soonest.


To ensure international quality standard rigid quality control is ensured in the processing Plants.

The processing plants have their own laboratory equipped to carry out in house tests for standardized quality management. Our supporting processing plants maintain rigid quality control procedures who are HACCP implemented and approved Management as per Rules and Regulations of EU and USFDA Codes having other Certification such as ISO 22000:2005, BAP,GAA, BRC, IFS etc.

Health & Quality Certification by FIQC...

The Health and Quality Certificate is for every consignment of Frozen Seafood is issued by FIQC (Fish Inspection and Quality Control), the Govt. Dept. under Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock, after all necessary inspection and laboratory/chemical analysis and Micro-biological tests are done as per EU directives and USFDA standard and national Legislation

** Chilled Products:

We also offer Fresh Chilled products packed in double Polythene bag inside Styrofoam box with 30-50% water ice and the lower half of the box is wrapped with PP cloth to withstand shock of sudden drop. We supply the chilled products to destinations having direct Air link with Dhaka International Airport of Bangladesh.

** Live Mud Crab (Scylla Serrata):

The sizes are from 280gm to 480gm.

This product will be made available to our valued customers by September, 2014